Gungahlin Schools

There are tremendous enrolment pressures facing schools in Gungahlin, particularly in Franklin and Harrison. Many families are being turned away from local schools with parents being told to enrol their children elsewhere.

The 2016 Census data showed Gungahlin was the second-fastest growing region in Australia, however there has not been an appropriate level of investment by the ACT Government in school infrastructure to meet new population demands.

The Canberra Liberals recognise that there are insufficient places available in local schools, and through this petition are calling for action from the ACT Government to address the shortage for the benefit of the Gungahlin community.

Gungahlin Schools

Crime in Bonner and surrounding areas

Thank you for electing to complete my community survey on crime in Bonner and surrounding areas. It’s important that I receive as much feedback from members of our community as possible. Crime is an important issue and as your local member I am committed to making our community a place for everyone to enjoy and feel safe in.

Crime in Bonner and surrounding areas

Organised Crime Legislation

Over the past months in the ACT there has been increased Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) activity resulting in a series of violent incidents that have endangered our community.  Much of this is a result of the ACT Government’s failure to introduce ‘anti-consorting’ laws consistent with those in NSW.

The Canberra Liberals are preparing to table laws along the lines of those in NSW in order to stop the ACT being a ‘safe haven’ for OMCG violence. You can view the proposed laws here:

I fear that without taking this action it is a matter of time before someone is injured or killed.

I am keen to make sure that this legislation is effective and has appropriate safeguards and I value community input.

Jeremy Hanson.

Organised Crime Legislation

Moncrieff bus service petition

Moncrieff needs a bus service.

The ACT Government has excluded Moncrieff from its new ACTION bus network that will start in October 2017. Given the rates and taxes Canberrans pay, it is reasonable to expect that suburbs are serviced by public transport.

Click here to see the current Gungahlin bus network map which excluded Moncrieff.

Please sign the petition below to have your voice heard.

Sign the petition

Moncrieff Bus Service

Future renewal of Canberra’s City

Canberra’s City (Civic) should be a vibrant and exciting place for people to gather, work, eat and shop. It is also the place where many visitors and tourists form their opinion of Canberra.

Currently the City is home to a large number of private and government offices, the Canberra Centre shopping complex, Canberra Casino, Glebe Park, the National Convention Centre, cinemas and the Canberra Theatre.

The Canberra Liberals want to hear your feedback on how you use the City and whether you have any ideas on how it can be improved (specifically we’re talking about Civic, not New Acton, Braddon or around Lake Burley Griffin).

Future renewal of Canberra's City


Elizabeth Lee’s community outreach survey

My name is Elizabeth Lee and I’m a Canberra Liberals member for the seat of Kurrajong in the ACT Legislative Assembly.

I want to hear your thoughts, concerns and ideas so we can lobby the government to make the community a better place to live, work and raise a family.

Please take a moment to complete my survey about what’s really important to you and how I can help.

Please select a valid form

Do you have any questions for the ACT Government?

Do you have any questions that you would like asked of the ACT Government? Each year, the ACT Legislative Assembly hosts an Estimates Committee where MLAs ask questions of Government Ministers and officials.

In order to ask the best possible questions, the Opposition MLAs are asking for your feedback and about the questions that are on your mind.

Please complete the form below to have your say about what questions are asked.

So that we can let you know the response if your question is raised, please provide your details at the bottom of the form.

Do you have any questions for the ACT Government?

James Milligan’s Gungahlin Community Survey

James Milligan is keen to to hear your thoughts, concerns and ideas for making our community an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

Please take some time to complete James’s survey to inform him of what you need and want to improve quality of life in the Gungahlin area.

Please select a valid form

Canberra Stadium

The future of the Canberra Stadium at Bruce has been an issue for decades. The stadium has a capacity of over 25,000 and is the home ground for Canberra’s two best known sports teams: the Brumbies and the Raiders. It has also hosted international Rugby Union, Rugby League and Soccer matches.

Recent discussion has focused on whether the existing stadium should remain Canberra’s main venue for the rectangular football codes (Rugby Union, Rugby League and Soccer) or a new stadium should be built in the city centre on the site of the swimming pool.

Please use the form below to advise the Canberra Liberals of your experience attending matches at the Canberra Stadium and whether you think the stadium should be replaced.

Canberra Stadium

Dog attacks

Between January and late May 2018 there were 218 reported dog attacks including 94 attacks on humans. We are concerned that there are even more attacks happening in our community that are not being reported.

Questions raised by this  include whether existing legislation, and its administration, are adequate.

Please use the form below to advise the Canberra Liberals of any experiences you have had with dangerous dogs in Canberra and what you think can or should be done to address the problem.

Dogs attacks
Petition: The following residents of the ACT call on the government to introduce tougher legislation to protect the community from dangerous dogs.