The ACT Labor-Green Government paid $3.9 million to the Tradies Club for a building housing the CFMEU HQ, then rented back the building to the Tradies for $1 per year. In a recent scathing report by the ACT Auditor-General, it was found that the ACT government “relinquished considerable financial value to the Tradies”. The Auditor-General also said, “there is also a high risk that the Directorate sold Block 30 Section 34 to the Tradies in breach of the Planning and Development Act 2007.”

In the report it was estimated that up to $2.65 million of ACT taxpayer money was relinquished to the Tradies group.

Do you think these kinds of preferential deals are fair? Let us know.

Dickson Land Deal Survey

Authorised by Alistair Coe MLA