This petition of certain residents of the Australian Capital Territory draws to the attention of, and requests the Assembly to:

Conduct community consultation to review the loss of parklands and visual amenity, traffic management and safety, noise and fumes associated with the proposed bus layover in Turner Parklands, noting that:

  1. There has been inadequate community consultation on the current proposal to relocate the City West Bus Layover on Marcus Clarke Street to the corner of Barry Drive and Watson Street in Turner, and to make it bigger;
  2. The proposal for 25 buses and staff facilities would replace a temporary gravel carpark and extend into green space to the west and north in the Turner Parklands, further up Watson Street;
  3. Residents are concerned about the loss of parklands and visual amenity, traffic management and noise and fumes;
  4. Residents, businesses and workers, a childcare centre, seniors’ centre, commuters, ANU North Oval, bike skills track, churches, cyclists and pedestrians using popular shared pathways would be impacted, and amenity lost once construction commenced; and 
  5. Canberra is one of the world’s most liveable cities, and this urban space connects to other green corridors in the inner north and should remain protected.


Turner Bus Layover